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Over the past decade, North Swindon has become increasingly modern, popular, and well stocked with 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses. It’s seen several rounds of high-quality development has seen Haydon Wick expand through to Priory Vale and most recently Tadpole Garden Village and the expansion of St Andrew’s Ridge and Blunsdon through Abbey Farm.


The North of Swindon is characterised by the SN25 and SN26 post codes. Divided by the Blunsdon Bypass, it’s worth noting that there are key differences between the two. Read on for lifestyle info on each as well as figures for both buying and renting in each. 


Intro to Swindon SN25


The SN25 postcode is home to Haydon, Moredon, Blunsden St Andrew, and perhaps most notably the Tadpole Garden Village development. Built with the same philosophy behind Welwyn Garden City and Hampstead Garden Suburb, the principle is to combine town and country living that puts the health and wellbeing of its residents at the forefront. 


SN25 also forms an important commercial part of the town, and will suit anyone who likes to be near shopping centres and day to day amenities such as gyms, cafes, hairdressers, supermarkets and pubs. 


Average prices in Swindon SN25


Average house prices here are £267,036 (affordably close to the national average of £256,405).


Thanks to recent development, the vast majority of sales over the past year have been detached houses, which have sold for an average of £364,059. Semi-detached properties averaged sale prices of £261,139, while terraces averaged £223,490.


For renters, SN25 is reasonably affordable, but beginning to creep up in line with commuter belt and Home County prices. A one bed property goes for an average of £662 per month, a two bed for £776, and three and four beds up to and over the £1000 per month mark. 


This means returns for investment landlords are strong. Continual migration into the area (which the new Amazon warehouse at Symmetry Park is likely to compound) means demand is always strong - between 4 and 5% in the town’s Northern postcodes.


Intro to Swindon SN26


SN26 wraps around this area to the North, and is considerably more rural. This postcode houses the small village of Broad Blunsdon, the William Morris Primary School, a scattering of linear residential areas, and swathes of green fields.


Prices in Swindon SN26


As is often the case for the countryside components of large towns, prices are higher in Swindon’s Northernmost postcode. The average house price here sits at £373,125, and detached properties sold over the past year averaged £432,368. 


It sounds high, but the handful of large farm properties with acreage bump up the numbers considerably. Semi-detached properties can still be found for an average of £290,000, while terraced properties in the area average as low as £214,500.


Rental properties are much harder to find in SN26, and averages harder to ascertain. At the time of writing, there’s only one property available to rent in the whole post code, which is a 3 bedroom terrace in Blunsdon priced at £1,100 per month.


It makes sense given the ample investment opportunities for landlords in other, busier areas of Swindon. Buy-in prices are higher and rental demand much lower in SN26 - meaning it’s much more suited to buyers who are settling down or retiring.


So whether you’re a first time buyer, couple, family, or prospective landlord, the North Swindon postcodes will almost certainly have something for you, and we can help you find it. It’s worth remembering that property in Swindon doesn’t hang around for long - view our properties for sale and let here today. 

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