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When Dewhurst & Co asked its Facebook followers to describe their ‘dream home’ as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations you responded in droves, and boy did you dream big! On July 1st we will reveal which lucky Dewhurst follower has won an iPad Mini for taking part. In the meantime, here’s a flavour of what you yearn for.

Lighthouse cottages, windmill conversions, tropical villas, Gothic mansions. A tree house in Costa Rica with sloths and monkeys, a log cabin in the Canadian Rockies, a penthouse suite in Tokyo. A castle with a moat. A glass house overlooking the Grand Canyon. The ‘Home Alone’ house. A Hobbit Hole. George Clooney’s house. Next door to Gary Barlow. Even Buckingham Palace?!

Across two decades as North Wiltshire’s leading independent estate agent, the Dewhurst team has helped thousands of families to find their dream home in Swindon and its surrounding villages, and while we can’t promise to evict the Queen or George Clooney any time soon, nearly 1,000 responses on the Dewhurst & Co Facebook page suggest that plenty of our followers have slightly more achievable fantasies. In fact, our sales and lettings team are ideally placed to help many of you realize your dreams.

“My dream home would be a lovely size house on Shaw Ridge estate, 4-5 bedrooms and a great garden,” says Christina Hodson, while Corinne Amor fancies “a 3 or 4 bedroom house in Old Town. It would have a nice size garden and be close to Town Gardens or Lawn Woods for lovely walks. And for my partner, a spacious kitchen as he is a chef and can serve me romantic meals in the dining room.”

Olga Rubio’s dream home is “a gorgeous 3 bed house in North Swindon for less money than a studio flat in London located above a 24-hour convenience store”. Simon Maisey says “a large house in Broome Manor would do me”. Charlie Pope, meanwhile, dreams of “an open plan bungalow in the Wiltshire countryside.”

A heartening number of responders put family at the heart of their dream home. “All I want is a nice modern family home with a spare room for my son and all his toys,” says Nicole Bagley, “a place where we can be happy and build lots of wonderful memories.” In similar vein, Josie Wollerton told us, “My dream home is somewhere safe for me and my little girl and next to my mum so we can see her more.”

Interestingly, some people’s aspirations veer towards the more practical side of things. “My dream home would be maintenance free, there always seems to be another job which needs doing,” says Christine Bishop Sunter. Kim Heeps obviously agrees: “My dream home would be a self-cleaning one!” “Tidy,” said Stacy Fenemore.

“The responses have been fascinating,” says Chris Dewhurst, director at Dewhurst & Co, “and they’re a reminder that property is not just about bricks and mortar. We all have our own ideas about the location, size and character of our dream home, but when push comes to shove, most people are looking for the same thing and it can be summed up in three words: home sweet home.”

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