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Very few people make a spur-of-the-moment decision to move home, yet many sellers wait until the last minute to have their property professionally valued. But why wait?

“Experience has taught us that most people start planning to move months in advance, if not years,” says Chris Dewhurst, director at Dewhurst & Co, Swindon, “but the sooner you get a professional valuation of your property the better, because everything else – the financing, mortgage, solicitor, logistics – springs from that knowledge.”

As Swindon’s premier estate agent, Dewhurst & Co offer competitive fees, unparalleled local knowledge and free property valuations, whether you are long-term planners or in a hurry. “We’re happy to help people kick-start their forward planning with our free valuations, even if the actual move is several months away,” says Chris, who founded Dewhurst & Co with his brother Mike in 1996. “Equally, we can market a property quickly if necessary. We generally get a new property listed on our website and details circulated to targeted house-hunters the day after the valuation, and given how many potential buyers we have on our books at the moment that often leads to a property sale in days rather than weeks.”

“At the moment it’s definitely a sellers’ market,” continues Chris, “but that doesn’t mean we do extravagant valuations. Less scrupulous estate agents will inflate property valuations to try and attract business, but in the long run that helps nobody. As an ethical agent that has focused exclusively on Swindon for 20 years, we prefer to use our local knowledge to value properties at the price they will achieve. At the end of the day, it’s not great valuations that count but great sales!”

“We pride ourselves on being able to value properties accurately, usually that will be within one or two percent of the eventual sale price. That means Dewhurst clients know exactly where they are in terms of finance and can budget accurately for their move. Moving house is stressful enough without nasty surprises because offers turn out to be much lower than the original valuation.”

To request a FREE Market Valuation from the professionals, contact us on 01793 701111 or fill in our quick online form.

How much is your house worth? The key factors.

Location always effects the price, though in Swindon there is less variation than in many towns, and cosmetic changes – spring cleaning your house, a fresh lick of paint, decluttering, sprucing up the garden – can also help us to sell your property, but when it comes to a professional valuation, Dewhurst & Co focus on the following key criteria.

  • Age
  • Size
  • Wear and tear
  • Structural improvements
  • Fittings
  • Room layout
  • Electrics and heating
  • Extras(e.g. double glazing, conservatory)
  • Storage space