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Dewhurst & Co have been selling homes for our clients since 1997, come rain or shine, and this much we know. If putting your property on the market in 2016 tops your list of New Year’s Resolutions there really is no time like the present. Received wisdom has it that selling your home in winter can be a challenge, but in fact, with less properties to compete with and only serious buyers doing viewings, January can be the perfect time to market your home.

“For house sellers planning to make a move in the near future, I would say: Why wait?” says Chris Dewhurst, director at Dewhurst & Co Estate Agents.
“We get more new buyers registering with us or searching on our website in January than almost any other month, and we currently have a long list of buyers looking for properties in all areas of Swindon and the surrounding villages. These are genuine buyers who are keen to view properties this month and make serious offers straight away.”

“Even people with concrete plans to move and no practical reason to wait often delay putting their properties on the market until later in the year,” continues Chris. “That means there are less properties available which only increases demand. Savvy sellers will be right to think that with less competition their house or apartment has a better chance of standing out, especially if they use a proven estate agent that excels in marketing and knows the local property market like Dewhurst & Co does.”

The lack of supply and growing demand in Swindon is part of a national trend. In the last quarter of 2015 the number of UK house-hunters grew by 20% as available stock continued to fall.“It’s very normal at this time of year that demand is high and supply is low,” says Mark Hayward, Managing Director at the National Association of Estate Agents. “Nationally, there are now 10 prospective buyers battling it out for each property.”

If January is traditionally a strong month for property sales, imminent tax changes are likely to make the early part of 2016 exceptionally busy.
“We are getting lots of enquiries from serious investors and buy-to-let landlords who are willing to make attractive cash offers in order to complete on transactions before April when the new higher rate Stamp Duty kicks in,” says Mike Dewhurst, responsible for investor portfolios at Dewhurst & Co.“I have investors who want to buy 1, 2 and 3 bed properties right now rather than waiting until the spring or summer when they will effectively have to pay more for the same properties.”

“Experience has shown us that January is a great month to attract buyers,” concludes Chris Dewhurst. “We can come to your house or apartment to do a free valuation and then immediately match it to prospective buyers on our list of registered house-hunters. Marketing your property in the most professional and successful way possible is one New Year’s Resolution Dewhurst & Co can definitely help you keep!”

Dewhurst & Co are Swindon’s premier estate agent with an impressive 20 year track-record helping their clients keep one particular New Year’s Resolution – to sell their properties for the best possible price at the start of the year! Our highly experienced sales team will carry out a FREE MARKET APPRAISAL on your property, and as a local estate agent with lower overheads than national chains, we offer extremely COMPETITIVE FEES.