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There has always been a clear link between the jobs market and the property market. Just look at what has happened to London property prices over the last two decades as the City has flourished, or conversely, the decline of quality housing stock in many Northern towns in the wake of deindustrialisation.

For that reason, Dewhurst & Co welcome Swindon Borough Council’s regeneration plans and the announcement that town centre development is predicted to generate 10,000 new jobs and 1,000 new homes over the next 20 years.

Chris Dewhurst, Director at Dewhurst & Co, says: “One of the reasons Swindon is such a great place to live and to invest in property is the fact it has a stable and attractive jobs market. We have a combination of major employers who are part of the town’s fabric – the likes of Nationwide, Honda, First Great Western and Intel – with plenty of dynamic start-ups that create fresh opportunities every day.”

“Most people want a home close to where they work,” he continues, “that’s one of the reasons Swindon’s Railway Village was built in the 1840s! Nearly two hundred years later, accessible property prices and reasonable rents mean that most people who live in Swindon still have the opportunity to find a home relatively close to their factory, office or shop.”

By contrast, soaring property prices in London, Oxford, Bath and Bristol mean that many people working in those cities have zero possibility of getting on their local property ladder.

“Given that a daily commute is not on many people’s bucket list, the next decade is likely to see lots of dynamic young professionals move to Swindon as tens of thousands of new jobs are generated,” says Chris. “That in turn, will help make Swindon a thriving town with more and more lifestyle and cultural opportunities.”

Swindon Borough Council’s plans for regenerating the town centre were on display in the Central Library last month, giving residents a look at the future of the town as well as updates on ongoing projects. Developments such as Aspen House, North Star and the Carriage Works form part of the Council’s £500 million programme of investment.

These plans contribute to the Council’s vision for the town to have all the positive characteristics of a leading British city by 2030, including a low-carbon environment, compelling cultural, retail and leisure opportunities, excellent infrastructure and well-managed housing growth in order to support existing and new communities.

And it is not just the town centre earmarked for exciting developments.

“As estate agents and lettings managers with offices in Abbey Meads and Taw Hill, we’ve helped a generation of North Swindon people find great homes near to their work at places like Honda and the Orbital Retail Park,” concludes Chris, “and with planning permission just granted for the new 75,000 sq ft ‘Gateway’ Retail Park off the A419 in North Swindon, that happy trend is set to continue.”


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