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“Property cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” So said America’s most revered President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

If ever there was a quote that inspired people to invest in buy-to-let properties it’s FDR’s - every investor will assume their own level of risk, but pretty much all investors want some level of security. And history shows that the man who led his country to economic recovery after the Wall Street Crash is right to suggest that bricks and mortar are a safe long-term investment.

That said, most savvy investors would also agree with Roosevelt’s caveat; that properties need to be managed with reasonable care. Which is where dedicated property management companies like Dewhurst & Co enter the picture.

For that small minority of landlords who have unlimited spare time and DIY skills plus the legal expertise to handle complex tenancy contracts and navigate through the murky waters of health and safety legislation, it might be a feasible idea to manage their own properties.

For most landlords, however, the more practical option is to enlist professional support from experts who cover all of the above fields, especially if they will also find you reliable tenants with cross-checked references.

Dewhurst & Co have been managing properties on behalf of Swindon landlords for more than 20 years. Unlike estate agents who offer property management as an afterthought, we have a dedicated Lettings and Property Management team with its own office in Taw Hill, staffed by experienced professionals and lettings specialists.

For Mike Dewhurst, managing director at Dewhurst Co and a respected expert on the lettings market, the key word is professional. “I take my hat off to amateurs with the confidence to work the stock markets, fly their own plane or perform keyhole surgery,” he says, “but like most people I would prefer to leave certain jobs to the professionals! And what goes for those noble callings applies equally to property management.”

“Dewhurst & Co support people with multiple properties to let and others with just one house or flat to rent, but we offer all of our Swindon landlords the same comprehensive property management services and extremely competitive fees.”

“Our select group of highly qualified local tradesmen can handle every conceivable maintenance issue, and the economies of scale mean our landlords avoid paying over the odds for one-off call-outs. Neither will they spend days or weeks searching for an electrician or a plumber as can often happen to individuals.”

From advertising your property, finding suitable tenants and preparing tenancy agreements to collecting rent, carrying out regular inspections and organising approved contractors for repairs, Dewhurst & Co manage rental properties in a professional and cost-effective way that offers landlords both peace of mind and optimum returns.

President Roosevelt said that properties should be managed with reasonable care. Dewhurst & Co will go one better and manage your rental property with great care.

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 *Dewhurst & Co does not give financial advice. Before taking out a mortgage you should get professional advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).