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With the ever-expanding influence of the internet on our daily lives, a small number of people today try to sell their home privately or with an online estate agent. As well as this, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shift in what’s on people’s property wish lists, such as home working spaces and access to a garden, not to mention the influence of the current ‘Cottagecore’ home trend. ​​​​​


This shift in home buyers’ preferences is apparent in Swindon and its surrounding villages in 2021 too, with increasing demand for spacious homes with gardens, with potential for multifunctional use. According to, over the last year there has been a 27% and 24% drop respectively in the number of detached and semi detached houses on the market in Swindon.


So what if you find yourself in a situation where the property you are trying to sell meets buyers’ new preferences on paper, but you’re not seeing that translate into viewings? Here are our top suggestions to help you sell your house more quickly...

Consider the 2021 property landscape: According to the Buy Association, having a home office is important to 21% of people. Therefore, you should demonstrate the potential your house has for home working which could even be as simple as using redundant space on a landing. Be sure to highlight all the key features of your property to ensure you’re not missing out on the most motivated buyers. 


Spruce up your outdoor space: With many people having been confined to their homes for the majority of last year and the threat of future lockdowns and travel restrictions still looming, an attractive outdoor space could make or break a buyers’ purchase decision. If your garden is looking a little tired, revive it with some attractive plants and planters, get the grass up together this spring, paint the fence and jet wash any paved areas.  


Use neutral décor: Why not take on a lockdown project and give your interior walls a lick of paint? Remember to consider what will be attractive to buyers - neutral colours not only make the place feel bigger, but they’re also better for enabling potential buyers to picture themselves living there, so avoid any bold colours or wall papers.


Look at the competition: If the majority of the sellers on the market have new carpeting and yours is worn out and dated, your home is not going to sell easily – particularly if your asking price is pretty much the same. Depending on the condition of your home and your budget, you could consider updating your décor or doing some repairs or renovation work. This is where instructing an estate agent comes into its own  - they will be able to tell you which efforts will give the most return on your investment.

Your photos aren’t doing you justice: It may be that you need to better stage your house and refresh your photos. If you live in a busy home, try decluttering to better show the space. Setting the dining table also adds an air of sophisticated homeliness. You could also get up-close photos of interesting features (such as ceiling roses) and avoid photos that emphasise the not-so-great features (such as narrow hallways).

Improve kerb appeal: First impressions of your home before anyone has even set foot inside are key - the Home Owners’ Alliance found that kerb appeal was important to 68% of buyers. If your property isn’t in need of overall modernisation and you’re hoping to reach the top of its potential market value, it’s important to make sure your roof and windows are in good condition, and to tidy up the front of your property by applying fresh paint on the front door, jet washing your driveway and consider adding some attractive pot plants. 


Showcase your property’s full potential: If there’s potential for the buyer to add value to the house themselves, then show it. Do you already have planning permission for certain types of work? This could be knocking down a wall to make an open plan living space, or building a stylish ‘Garden Room’ home office. 

If it’s not the condition, it’s the price: If you’ve exhausted all of the above and your property still won’t budge, it could be that the asking price is just too high. Resisting the temptation to overprice is crucial when selling, as not doing so could end up costing you thousands if it spends too long on the market, according to Inside Conveyancing. This is another scenario where honest, reliable advice from a reputable sales agent is important. Local estate agents are routinely able to sell properties at or close to the asking price, so the final price you achieve with an agent may well outweigh the fees you’ll pay (when compared to an online agent). You’ll also get further benefit from using a local estate agent that knows the property market in your local market rather than a nationwide, online agent. 

​​​​​​​In conclusion, if you’ve not been able to sell your property easily so far, and you’ve done all you can to make it look attractive to buyers, it could be time to get a second opinion from an expert local estate agent. Do your research to make sure you find the right match for you.​​​​​​​
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