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Professional Inventories and Schedules of condition

Professional Inventories and

Schedules of condition.

When you rent a property through Dewhurst and Co you will normally receive an Inventory and Schedule of Condition on the day you move into your new home. This will need to be checked returned with any amendments within 2 working days of the start of your tenancy agreement.

What is an Inventory and Schedule of Condition?

An inventory and schedule of condition is a full list of every item within a property (including walls, ceilings, fixtures and fittings, paint colours, floor coverings, cupboards, doors, windows, kitchen units, appliances, bathroom furniture, gardens, garages, sheds etc. and if furnished, all furnishings) and it states the condition of every item in it. This is a very detailed document, often supported by digital photographs.

Why do I need one?

Since the introduction of the deposit schemes in 2007, the requirement for a professionally prepared inventory and schedule of condition has become absolutely critical. If you leave the property with some damage or it isn’t cleaned very well with strong odours present or there are missing items – in fact anything that is different from when you rented the property (subject to fair wear and tear) then your landlord may want some compensation for it from you. This document, along with a check out (see below) is your only form of evidence as to the condition of the property.

An inventory serves a number of purposes:

  • It is proof of the condition of the property at the tenancy outset.
  • It provides a level of comfort to the landlord that they are protecting their property.
  • It serves to remind a tenant as to the condition they will need to return the property when they leave.

At the very least an inventory must have:

  • A full explanation of responsibilities and disclaimers to ensure all parties know what is expected of them with a summary of the definitions – e.g. What does ‘good condition’ actually mean?
  • A reference to each item within it.
  • A detailed list of the inventory items including all fixtures and fittings including colour, material type and the condition of every item, including marks, chips and damage.
  • A record of appliances, including brand and model as well as condition.
  • A list of interior fittings o all cupboards, fitted units and appliances.
  • A list of appliance manuals.
  • A signature and declaration page at the end.

What is a property visit/inspection and why do I need one?

A property inspection is the opportunity for us to check that the property that we are managing, on behalf of the landlord and is being looked after by you.

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